Bask in the glow

Mourning dove puffed down into a bird blob on a shed roof.

The mourning doves often sit in little bird blobs in the sun on the shed roof.

Destiny 2 is my cozy game

@SamBatyley on Twitter: I just said this in an interview.

“What kinds of games do you play?”

“Oh, mainly cozy games like Diablo, Coral Island, Cozy Grove, & Destiny.”

& then I explain, those are cozy to me. Zero stress, just zoning out and having fun with my pals or solo. Cozy is so subjective.🫶🏼

This is why I return to Destiny again and again. It’s an old worn pair of pants. A cozy sweater to wrap up in for the day. Destiny is comfortable. It’s not perfect. It’s aged. It’s not going to compete with the youngest and newest games. It’s not going to compete with anyone for hottest or trendiest. But I know it.

I know it so well. The skies I’ve stopped to admire and battled under. The maps I’ve played and replayed and re-re-re-re-replayed thousands of times. The hundreds of days I’ve spent running across the same plot of land. If the digital artwork were earth, there would be deep paths worn into the dirt.

It’s also a decision I don’t have to make. I sit down with my coffee or cola. I turn on my Xbox and I press A.

That’s it.

I don’t have to look through my library. I don’t need to worry about whether there’s gigabytes of updates to wait through. I don’t need to worry about how the game has changed since I last played it.

I sit down. I power on. I play.

I play with my friends. I play with new people. I play alone listening to music of podcasts in my ears. I don’t need the dialog or music. I’ve heard it all before. I don’t need to worry about what the game is trying to tell me, I can see where I need to go and what I need to do.

Destiny is where I’ve spent thousands of hours playing since 2014. I’ve recorded a weekly podcast about it since 2019. There’s plenty in the game I have never done. There’s parts of the world of I have never seen nor step foot into. But I play what I like and I play it often.

It’s an easy choice to the point where it’s not even a choice anymore. It’s my default. I don’t look at other games when I turn on my Xbox. I turn it on and I’m surprised if it’s not sitting in the first spot ready to go.

Maine Cabin Masters is the gold standard of what a house show should be.

There is no manufactured drama. They actually talk about the work they’re doing and why. They fix up “camps” in Maine that families have had for years and fell into disrepair. It’s pure delight.

Office is for talking, home is for thinking

The Office is for people who like to talk. Remote Work is for people who like to think.

I’ve had this thought running through my head since I competed my two mandatory days in the office every other week. On the weeks where I go to the office, my days are filled mostly with meetings which is no different than home. The difference is the quality of the meetings is… exactly the same in terms of getting what I need out of them.

Any part of the day not already blocked off by calendar invitation is subject to an impromptu meeting. Someone coming to stop by and bring you a problem they’ve been holding on to. A convenient moment to grab three people together into a room to discuss a problem or plan out a new feature.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of this. But it should be recognized. When I go into the office, it’s not that I don’t plan to work. But instead a of planning to dig into my work and make good headway, I end up making a list of tasks to work on when I can return to the quiet and focus of home.

I’ve worked remotely for… 6 or may be it’s 7 years now. And I would never go back to working in an office full-time. I have an ergonomic desk and chair that fit my body and don’t leave me with an aching back. It’s quiet and comfortable. I control the lighting, temperature and noise level. I can get absolutely lost in a problem as the hours melt away and the light of the day fades away.

It’s comfortable because it’s for me. I can make food in my own kitchen so I’m not spending money in cafes or fast food. I am not burning gas and sitting in hours of traffic. I can stand in my kitchen and watch the birds or go for a walk over my lunch break. And I actually take a lunch break.

It’s liberating to be able to enjoy some fresh air when the weather is nice. Or work form my bed, or sofa when I need a change of scenery. Working from your patio under blue skies with chirping birds and warm breezes.

Good Morning,

Welcome to Bonus February. If you needed to get something done before March, you have one more day.

I hope it’s a good one for you.

We are all different, yet we all use our unique contributions to serve patients. The [vital attribute] professional we seek is a [type of person] with these qualifications.

I am a [type of person] with many [vital attribute]. I bet I would do [positive word] in this role at [company seeking help].

This is from a job posting I applied to this evening. I’m also pointing out the oversight when I contact them.

Why not build static website generators that people can just unzip, upload to the shared hosting they’ve just paid for, and start using via a browser?

It doesn’t help when my coworker sends me my own words from June 2023 about this project.

Turns out, it’s ended up exactly how I predicted. sigh

Made a fire outside. Sister-in-law came over and we grilled burgers and sweet potatoes. I’ll take a warm February night.

A fire pit with rising flames in a backyard at dusk, with a darkened house in the background and a clear evening sky above.

There is no wrong way to play games. If you want to turn a brutally hard game into a cozy flower picking sim, do it. (May require one sister.)…


Making tiny foods with my wife is very peaceful and a nice craft night ritual.

A toy glazed ham with pineapple and cherry toppings on a plate, accompanied by two round ham slices on a checkered napkin.A toy chocolate bundt cake with white icing and red berries on a small plate, next to a toy blue gelatin dessert on a cake stand.

🧘 I’ve started my yoga (with Adriene) practice again and I’m looking to add some daily meditations to my life.

It’s overwhelming. Do you have a meditation practice you followow? When I turn to yoga, it’s with Adriene. When I meditate, who is my Adriene?

Dec 23rd: CPAP machine starts making terrible buzzing/grinding sounds as the motor is dying. Can’t sleep without it so multi-night “send it away” repairs aren’t really feasible. Feb 19th: Finally get appointment with sleep medicine place. March 19th: Sleep study. Maybe I’ll sleep in Q2 of this year.

Who killed Twitter?

Two authors with books about Twitter from different perspectives interview each other on their process, their direction and trying to write about a company that no longer exists.

I love this idea and enjoyed the conversation about writing in the same world but in very different ways. I agree with Casey Newton’s note, this was a fun read!

After the robins flew off, they settled in a tree across the road and continued odd their song.

A silhouette of a bird perched on a bare tree branch against a twilight sky.

I wish I could share the nine American Robins sitting in the tree with their red breasts ablaze with the setting sun.

They had burning breasts as the golden light kissed their feathers as they chirped and sang.

It was a beautiful moment this evening.

American Robin perched in a tree with its red breast and tree branches in the foreground with a blue sky to behind it. 

I turned 43 today and am stilll giddy when there’s a chance of snow in the forecast.

📷 How to learn the basics of manual photography?

I want to learn how to get outside of the Auto setting on my camera. I want to learn how to take advantage of the camera and learn how to adjust it to take photos. I want to take pictures of birds in trees and at feeders and the moon when it’s big and beautiful.

There’s a trillion courses and Youtube videos and guides and I am a little overwhelmed with all of the options. I need a beginner resource. I’ve tried a bit here and there before but never devoted the time to it. This is the year I’ve set aside time (and money) to learn.

I am happy to trade money for knowledge. Any recommendation on resources?

Connections absolutely wrecked us tonight.

My wife and I sit down to play Wordle, Connections and the day’s crossword from The NY Times games app.

I look forward toward to Connections everyday. It’s one of those small joys that connects us.

But wow, today we did not get a single one.

“One away…”

You’ve heard of Picture-In-Picture. New! From Netflix comes Picture -ON-Picture!

Netflix showing the ui across three quarters of the screen size while the show itself fills the screen.

Dark-Eyed Juncos hanging out with cardinals, house sparrows and squirrels.

Remember: Move Fast is followed by And Break Things.


Screenshot of the calendar and weather all both saying 16. It’s January 16th and 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Snowy trees and gray winter skies

Large nest on a tree branch with snow. Snow tree limbs against a gray sky late in the day. Gray sky with distant tree. A single bird outlined against the gray sky.

A sunset with stripes of pinks and purples and reds across a gray winter sky.

Snow Day trip to the movies

Lake with trees and a raid in the background. Square windows of metal with trees and snow visible through themYellow cardboard movie poster display ad for The Beekeeper showing Jason Statham surrounded by bees. Snowy boardwalk next to a lake with AMC movie theater in the background. AMC theater marquee sign