Bask in the glow

What iPad would you buy this year if it was time for an upgrade?

I’ve got an iPad Pro 9.7" from 2016 and it’s showing its age (in addition to no longer receiving iOS updates).

I don’t need Pro features. I use my iPad mainly for reading/writing/watching. It’s not a laptop replacement.

There’s a part of me who wants to reply to people with watches on their left wrist they’re wearing it on the wrong side.

It’s confusing how you all use that other hand. It’s a drink holder.

This year has been a real “survival of the fittest” outside. There’s two little survivors. No idea what they are. The birds likely planted them or their native to Maryland.

Small pale yellow flower with bright yellow near the middle. Little pinky purpley flower in tall grasses.

Here’s a scary story.

It’s 4:41pm. Your manages sends you an instant message.

“Should I tell Bob NotHisRealName to move Production’s database to staging or QA’s database to Staging for our customer-facing application?”

The End.

I’m a sucker for shadows of trees on walls.

Shadow of tree leaves and beaches on an off-white wall.Shadow of tree leaves and beaches on an off-white wall with ceiling tiles.

Always a little unnerving to get a password reset email from Facebook. For an account you “deleted” in 2018.

Because Facebook cannot be trusted and will never be trusted.

This Little Free Library popped up on my street recently and it’s adorable. I am in love with it. Those colors! 🥰

Little Free Library painted yellow with a purple shingle roof.

Brought to you by the letter M and the and the number 9.

McDonald’s drive through window with signs and warnings.

The only downside of cleaning the stove top is not wanting to use it. It’s so clean and beautiful!

Heat wave cooler in grayscale.

Black & White sky with trees.

Now to figure out why WordPress continues to say Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. when I want to publish a new post.

Also, when did Jetpack get so scummy?

I did it!

After a couple of hours, using Dreamhosts nightly backups and my meager SQL knowledge and Dreamhost’s knowledge base I was able to resurrect my Textpattern blog I stopped using in 2010. Now I can move those posts somewhere Mai rained.

Optimistic Nihilism: If nothing matters, we might as well make the most of it.


This feels relevant to how I’ve looked at the world in the last three years. Everything is terrible. Might as well make the best of it for myself and others.

Found this mural in Richmond, VA over the weekend and absolutely loved it.

Wolf on a house in the clouds and sheep tumbling through the clouds near the house.

The Box vs. The Product

I understand the product will never be what it shows on the box but it struck me last night as I was in my sick brain fog just how stark a difference it was.

I have a mess of tabs open on one computer from my RSS feeds. I need to find a good way to take them all and either:

  1. Save them to a read later service in bulk.
  2. Sync them to another browser.
  3. Save them in a file to read on another computer.

Current Status: Feels like there’s a fishbowl on my head. When I stand up too fast, or bend over, it feels like my brain sloshes around inside my skull. Can’t decide if it’s better, or worse, than the congestion and coughing fits. #Covid

I just saw an ad on YouTube that said to trust a printer.


In the past week I have:

And now you’re saying I have to work? I’m exhausted. 😂

Some of my most trusted news sources in 2023 are:

V who reports from Under a Desk:…

A crowbar wielder:…

A guy who screams about the stupid:

And The Washington Post.

I miss the days of trying out an app without immediately needing to create an account.

I really need to make a tag in 1Password for “trial” or “new app”.

I’ve got so many random accounts I’ve used once and may not even still exist.


👋 Seattle (airport)

I have a very long flight coming up and am looking for iOS games. iPhone or iPad.

Trouble is, I don’t know what im looking for. Main criteria is to be playable offline and im happy to pay for games, I don’t want to buy micro transactions forever.

What games are you playing and would be fun offline?

📺 The Bear (2022)

The Bear poster

The second season is incredible. Every episode could be an entire movie. The immersive dive into each character makes them uniquely human and while people. They’re not just characters. They’re human and I’m living and dying with their ups and downs.