Bask in the glow

Love from belief, not fear

Sunday Soother: Do you love from belief, or from fear?

I believe you can start that creative project. I believe you can make that move. I believe you can ask for that need to be met, to set that boundary, to have that hard conversation. I believe you can climb that mountain, walk that path, swim that ocean. You can do this. You were made for this. I believe in you and your capacity to do the thing. Now let’s get going.

I love this entire idea about focusing on positivity of new pursuits and life changes. I’m as guilty as the next person at finding all the cautionary tales and warnings about failure.

What, instead, if we shifted into loving from fear, into loving from belief?

I will try to love from belief rather than fear more often. And try to identify when I’m loving from fear instead of belief. The feedback loop of positivity can get kickstarted just like a fear loop.