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Come Work With Me! Need a Webex/Zoom SME!

We’re looking to hire a SME for Zoom and Webex.

What’s a SME? Subject Matter Expert.

What would you be doing?

Zoom is the operating system of the world. How can we use Zoom to its fullest extend and do things beyond what Zoom itself can offer?
Webex is launching a new Events platform. Become our expert and let’s make it sing!

You’ll be working with our excellent Product team to use these platforms to their fullest and push the limits of what they can do to delight our customers and challenge what’s possible. And make sure we’re on top of changes to those platforms. That’s a great thing about Intellor. You can learn and grow and build awesome things and know at the end of the day you made something very cool happen.

Does this sound exciting? (It did to me!) This used to be my job. Now I’m doing so much more! Come work with me! We have a great team. Got questions? Let’s talk!

(Not all yours days will look as crazy as my desk. But when you’re bug hunting across devices and platforms and need to build your own testing lab, you do what you need to.)

Full Job Descriptions: Business Applications Administrator Salary Range: $60,000 - $70,000 a year

A desk full of computers, screens and an iPad all running Zoom Webinars.