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Unified Theory of Text

Solving the “where did I put that” problem of text.

  1. I love Nextcloud. It’s a wonderful sync for things and I don’t need to worry about paying for Dropbox.
  2. I love Obsidian. Now that there are apps for it for it on Mobile I’m inclined to use it as a way to find things I type and stash in folders.
  3. Joplin is the odd-app-out. I don’t love Joplin. It’s fine and I absolutely love that I can use Nextcloud as a back-end to sync it. But it stores everything in gibberish file names so I can’t get to it through other editors.
  4. Typora. At the end of the day. I want to type every single document in Typora. But I don’t want to organize nor manage in files there.

But how do I keep all of that text in sync across multiple operating systems and devices? In a given day, I interact with that text from Linux, Mac OS and Android. Once I get this sorted, I’ll be adding iPad and Windows to the mix, although less often than the first three.

I’m leaning towards Obsidian Sync. I’m using Nextcloud to sync everything right now and it works great on computers. But it falls down on mobile. The Android (and I assume iOS) apps do not sync files in the same way. I toyed with the idea of setting up Syncthing to solve this problem as it handles syncing of files on mobile without issue.

However, that’s one more thing to manage and support and hope it works and continues to work. (Though I may still setup Syncthing to move data between raspberry pis.) But that’s another story.

I’ve been thinking about paying for the Obsidian Sync. And even though it’s a few dollars a month, it’s something I don’t have to think about. It’ll handle the text syncing so I don’t have to.