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iPhone people, I need guidance

Having just bought iPhone 13s, I’m not sure exactly how the Magsafe charging works.

My wife has a magnetic mount in her car, with a metal plate in the case for her Pixel phone.

  1. Is the metal plate needed for magnetic car mounts or is phone strong enough?
  2. Does the metal plate inside the case prevent Magsafe charging from working?
  3. Should we replace the magnetic car mount with a magsafe one, is that the easiest answer?
  4. My house is covered in USB-C cables. Should I go all-in on Magsafe rather than buying piles of Lightning cables?

We had iPhones years ago and are moving back from the Google Pixel line… anything you wish you had known when you swapped? I’m half familiar with the Apple side of the pond (we have iPads and MacBooks) but hadn’t used the phones in a bit so I’m behind on the latest and greatest.

Trying not to spend ALL THE MONEY™ on new accessories Day One.