Bask in the glow / Keenai Alternatives?

In my recent switch from Android to iPhone, I could not find the Keenai app (used to be called Eye.Fi) to allow my wifi-enabled SD card to send photos from my camera to my phone. Very handy for vacations and loading photos without cards readers, adapters or a computer at all.

I started looking into it this morning and learned Keenai shutdown in 2018. The app still works on my Android phone because it relies on the wifi connection between my camera and phone.

However, there’s no wayt to get those photos from camera to iPhone. The camera model I have (Olympus PEN E-PL3) doesn’t support wifi directly so I can’t use Olympus' app. But it does work with the Eyefi SD card.

So for the time being, I will keep my Android phone with the Keenai app loaded since that will work to get photos to a phone, but not my current phone.

Hopefully I can another solution since it was very convenient to send photos directly from my camera to my phone.