Bask in the glow

Library loans: Saving Time by Jenny Odell ๐Ÿ“š

Really enjoyed listening to Saving Time by Jenny Odell

There were two parts that really stuck with me.

In Chapter 3 (timestamp 4:14:33) she talks about Parks and gardens as non-commercial leisure space.

A visitor could just be herself not a worker or consumer. Compared to commercial, scripted, surveillance areas.

In a public space, you are a citizen with agency. In a faux-public space, you are either a consumer or a threat to the design of the space.

This is one of the things I so deeply enjoy about going to my local gardens. You can just beโ€ฆ Thereโ€™s no expectations upon you for anything more than roaming through the flowers, looking at the birds, smelling the scents of flowers and trees and sweetness on the wind. You can just be.

In Chapter 5 (timestamp 6:35:05) she talks about relationships and this resonated deeply with me. People change and being in love with the current person is more important than the idealized version that lives in your mind.

Relationships fall apart because one partner has stopped seeing the other as they are and instead as a frozen picture in time. Without change. Without disappointment. The idealized version.