Bask in the glow

10/02/2019 12:19:20 AM

Spookster and Cackles

The newest additions to my collection of Birds in Hats.

Sears Bodies

There’s a Sears store going out of business and there is a wide variety of body parts for sale.

Solar Home

We had our solar system installed today. No more roof just hanging around not contributing to the household. No longer will sunny days be solely the source of sweat and discomfort.

Once the work is inspected, I can flip a switch as 21 solar panels will capture the sun’s rays and send them into The Grid.

09/22/2019 07:22:09 PM

Almost didn’t make it into the parking deck. The attendant apologized to me as I had to duck walking down the entrance ramp.

Tiny scientists

The FDA has a wall covered in tiny scientists.

09/18/2019 08:36:11 PM



Mobil(e) Gasoline.

Bringing the pumps to you!

Two Scoops

I present you the art installation “two scoops” as performed by Downeast Ice Cream Factory.

Young's Lobster Pound

No lobster roll today.

Whale watching trip was cancelled due to rain.

Puffin trip cancelled due to lack of puffins.

As solace, I direct you to The Bucket List for 2.

Prepared at Young’s Lobster Pound. Where we passed many a lobster and crab.

And when my number was called, I Rose to receive this menagerie from under the sea (and corn).

It was as good as it looked. And we left a large pile of mussels and clams to a very large family(?) party at a nearby table.

08/29/2019 09:34:28 AM

Lobster Roll #3

Ordered with a shrimp roll and a haddock sandwich. All were very good. And despite ordering only one with onion rings, we got two.

Operation Crustacean

The plan for vacation is off to a good start.

08/03/2019 08:28:57 PM

My car has a backup camera now.

It seems like a good product. The instructions were non-existent. I bought three things from Home Depot to get it working. And I learned how to crimp wiring. And just how flimsy the interior of a Chevy Equinox is.

First Dahlia of the year

First Dahlia of the year.

Strange Bird

The strange bird was back again today.

06/10/2019 02:01:23 PM

[caption id=“attachment_350” align=“aligncenter” width=“700”]One ton of pea gravel on a blue tarp. One ton of pea gravel on a blue tarp.[/caption]

I thought one ton of gravel would look larger.

Snuggled wife

My beautiful wife in her natural state.

Tale of Two Birds

[caption id=“attachment_323” align=“aligncenter” width=“700”]Blue Jay on a fence with a Robin in the background on a shed. Blue Jay in the foreground with Robin in the background.[/caption]

Feathered friends

It’s been a great joy to watch the different birds visit my backyard feeders. Here are a few friends.

What? Who? Me?

It was like that when I got here!

Xbox Guts

My Xbox One started making a whining sound like the hard drive was dying so I took it apart.

There’s not much inside the Big Black Box. I didn’t have a proper sized drive to replace the current one so I left it alone.

I put it back together and it was silent for an hour. So I don’t know if it was the drive or something with the fan. I blew out the insides with canned air just in case.

It may be time for a new Xbox soon. But I just ordered a new Google Pixel 3a XL to replace my aging Original Pixel XL with a failing battery. So I’m hoping the Xbox holds on longer.

Hangover Skillet

Saturday morning we walked to the Town Center to see an art festival. After that, we decided to try World of Beer. We have both ignored the restaurant since neither of us are big drinkers or care for beer.

We were delighted the menu was unpretentious and and inexpensive. The Hangover Skillet I ordered was perfect. Tater tot base. Egg. Cheese. Bacon. Sausage. Toast.

Mushroom Kingdom


There were so many goslings tonight around the lake where we walked! There were at least three groups of 6-10. They’re so fuzzy and squeaky. But Mama Goose was very hissy and angry (rightfully so).

Suet Feeder Friend

Black and white bird with red on its head eating from a suet feeder.

The Suet feeders I put up have attracted a greater variety of prettier birds to my yard.