Bask in the glow

Decorating the golden frog.

Gold frog with its leg straight in the air wrapped with Christmas lights.

Sheet Pan Shake and Bake Pork Chops - Damn Delicious…

I made this for dinner a few night ago and have been feasting on the leftoverss ever since. 10 minutes per side was perfect. The pork was perfectly tender and juicy.

Panko crusted pork chop with roasted apple and Brussels sprouts on a white plate.

This is how I would like to spend the winter as well.

Bee sleeping in the middle of a yellow and orange dahlia flower.

I had Instagram recommend I follow… myself. And I don’t knoww how to feel about it.

Screenshot of instagram recommending accounts with two hidden and it showing my own account as one of them.

The sunset tonight was beautiful.

Sunset over house with trees. Sunset with dark clouds over street and row of houses.

It’s Thursday and that means.

Time to clean up Halloween and get ready for fall decorations (birds) since it’s not quite Christmas decor time.


A group of about 20 different fabric birds standing about 6 1/2 inches tall wearing various Halloween costumes in front of a sign saying Evaluation Center for Disturbed Women.

I will never get tired of watching the city come collect large items with their skill crane truck.

Large truck with a claw on an arm picking up box springs and placing into the back.

Set my phone near the bird feeder at my dad’s place and used the watch as a remote shutter. Captured some lovely images. Like this Tufted Titmouse (left) and Chickadee (right).

Tufted titmouse on the left and a chickadee on the right of a bird feeder.

Milkweed or something like that spilling out of a seed pod.

Fluffy milkweed seeds spilling out of a pod.

Autumn has arrived. Walked by this tree recently. I had to stop and enjoy it.

Huge tree with green and orange leaves in the setting sun.

Ruby (left) and Ginger (right) are ready for their day out on the town.

I was not prepared for how fluffy Ruby was. I had only seen photos online and when she arrived this morning, I was delighted at how soft and fluffy this sweet bird felt.

Ruby, a red bird with large red sunglasses and a red scarf standing next to Ginger, a red bird in a white hat and white scarf holding a wrapped present.

There’s some event in town nearby and there’s spotlights dancing across the sky.

Cloudy night with steaks of light from a spotlight moving over the clouds.

Snap has arrived. I love collecting these little birds.

Thrifting tonight was superb.

I’m madly in love with this magazine holder and my wife found a marionette!

Wooden magazine holder with a man’s face looking down over it and a sign saying Wanted! For mail fraud. Woman holding a marionette of a man with a mustache and hat.

This year has been a real “survival of the fittest” outside. There’s two little survivors. No idea what they are. The birds likely planted them or their native to Maryland.

Small pale yellow flower with bright yellow near the middle. Little pinky purpley flower in tall grasses.

I’m a sucker for shadows of trees on walls.

Shadow of tree leaves and beaches on an off-white wall.Shadow of tree leaves and beaches on an off-white wall with ceiling tiles.

This Little Free Library popped up on my street recently and it’s adorable. I am in love with it. Those colors! 🥰

Little Free Library painted yellow with a purple shingle roof.

Brought to you by the letter M and the and the number 9.

McDonald’s drive through window with signs and warnings.

Heat wave cooler in grayscale.

Black & White sky with trees.

Found this mural in Richmond, VA over the weekend and absolutely loved it.

Wolf on a house in the clouds and sheep tumbling through the clouds near the house.

The Box vs. The Product

I understand the product will never be what it shows on the box but it struck me last night as I was in my sick brain fog just how stark a difference it was.


Trent Reznor scored the new TMNT movie is a sentence that I can say in 2023 and it’s real.

My new shirt is here!

And it’s perfect!