Bask in the glow

The white on white text is exciting. Is there a setting I can toggle?

Unified Theory of Text

Solving the “where did I put that” problem of text.

  1. I love Nextcloud. It’s a wonderful sync for things and I don’t need to worry about paying for Dropbox.
  2. I love Obsidian. Now that there are apps for it for it on Mobile I’m inclined to use it as a way to find things I type and stash in folders.
  3. Joplin is the odd-app-out. I don’t love Joplin. It’s fine and I absolutely love that I can use Nextcloud as a back-end to sync it. But it stores everything in gibberish file names so I can’t get to it through other editors.
  4. Typora. At the end of the day. I want to type every single document in Typora. But I don’t want to organize nor manage in files there.

But how do I keep all of that text in sync across multiple operating systems and devices? In a given day, I interact with that text from Linux, Mac OS and Android. Once I get this sorted, I’ll be adding iPad and Windows to the mix, although less often than the first three.

I’m leaning towards Obsidian Sync. I’m using Nextcloud to sync everything right now and it works great on computers. But it falls down on mobile. The Android (and I assume iOS) apps do not sync files in the same way. I toyed with the idea of setting up Syncthing to solve this problem as it handles syncing of files on mobile without issue.

However, that’s one more thing to manage and support and hope it works and continues to work. (Though I may still setup Syncthing to move data between raspberry pis.) But that’s another story.

I’ve been thinking about paying for the Obsidian Sync. And even though it’s a few dollars a month, it’s something I don’t have to think about. It’ll handle the text syncing so I don’t have to.

Love from belief, not fear

Sunday Soother: Do you love from belief, or from fear?

I believe you can start that creative project. I believe you can make that move. I believe you can ask for that need to be met, to set that boundary, to have that hard conversation. I believe you can climb that mountain, walk that path, swim that ocean. You can do this. You were made for this. I believe in you and your capacity to do the thing. Now let’s get going.

I love this entire idea about focusing on positivity of new pursuits and life changes. I’m as guilty as the next person at finding all the cautionary tales and warnings about failure.

What, instead, if we shifted into loving from fear, into loving from belief?

I will try to love from belief rather than fear more often. And try to identify when I’m loving from fear instead of belief. The feedback loop of positivity can get kickstarted just like a fear loop.


There will be plenty of devices for everyone.
The PS5 will have a long life. The new Apple thing will be the old Apple thing in a year.

If you didn't trade money for nothing today fear not. You will get to trade money for a thing later.

It will be just as good.

The only reason to have Facebook is to keep tabs on your parents before a visit to make sure they're acting responsibly.

07/10/2020 09:26:35 PM

Confidence and walking swiftly and importantly are two keys to success for tech folks.

The first means you may not know the answer but are confident you can find it.

The second because you get grabbed less in the halls if you look like you're late to somewhere else.

06/27/2020 10:02:50 PM

I love every single part of this story.

“During my walks I collected data on the visible address numbers attached to the front of each home along my route, categorizing each home as either serif or sans serif.”

I Walked All 1,114 Blocks of My ZIP Code Just to Catalog How People Style Their House Numbers… via Instapaper

05/28/2020 06:55:17 PM

05/28/2020 01:48:10 AM

It’s been a day. I’m thankful to have more.

05/26/2020 09:22:02 PM

It has been 0 days since a bird feeder accident.

05/25/2020 10:42:24 AM

05/24/2020 08:09:12 PM

Catbird & European Starling

05/23/2020 08:35:02 PM

Stealth Dove

05/23/2020 08:33:56 PM



🥔 🥔

shaggy grackle

This poor grackle needs a haircut too. Looking shabby.

05/21/2020 01:19:49 AM

Thanks for the refill! 🐿️

04/11/2020 09:19:32 PM

Totally normal grocery store trip. We picked up most of what we were looking for. Idly thought "maybe we'll get a pizza." Nope.

Decided to check out the toilet paper aisle just for fun and... Nothing.

We also made a trip to Panera for bagels since our local bagelry is closed. Added some fancy bread because sometimes you need to see new foods to get you through the week.

Safeway reminds you to keep your distance.
Pizza? Pizzno.


04/09/2020 03:29:23 PM

Today I have been:
- Technical Support
- Webinar Support
- Emotional Support

What I have not done is take any time for myself. It's vitally important as we give to others, we take some time for ourselves.

Hang in there.

04/07/2020 05:41:55 PM

So… Webex chats stopped working. Only private chats work. No groups like All Attendees or All Panelists. Not even “Panelist” or “Host. You must select the specific person to chat to. Or they simply fail to display, or send.

04/06/2020 07:02:41 PM

I woke up at 8. 

Started work about 9. 

Looked up at noon, hungry.

My wife came in at 5.

To tell me it was 5.

04/04/2020 08:33:23 PM

New Quarantine Skill.

Determining which Home Depot is least busy and thus has the shortest line for entry when you need to replace toilet parts.

04/01/2020 04:35:08 PM

Anyone have any experience running large webinars? 5,000 - 10,000 participants. We do 1,000 - 3,000 routinely

I’m looking for best practices, pitfalls when running things that big. Anything I should be planning for or aware of when the numbers get that big?

RT’s appreciated. DMs open.

Share Your Successful Cover Letter

Has anyone shared a cover letter that landed them a job?

I don’t necessarily mean it was the deciding factor, but when you applied, you eventually got the job.

I’m curious to see what a successful cover letter looks like. So many people give advice of writing a good cover letter, but I’ve not often seen what a good cover letter looks like.

Anyone have an experience or example to share?

02/24/2020 12:57:18 PM

“It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to."
– Jean-Luc Godard