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There will be plenty of devices for everyone.
The PS5 will have a long life. The new Apple thing will be the old Apple thing in a year.

If you didn't trade money for nothing today fear not. You will get to trade money for a thing later.

It will be just as good.

It is fall.

The only reason to have Facebook is to keep tabs on your parents before a visit to make sure they're acting responsibly.

A Genuine Labor Day Miracle

 I can actually now use the Internet the way it’s currently being used by people — still slower than most, but with enough speed to get it done. That’s progress, here in rural America.

A Genuine Labor Day Miracle

John Scalzi shares a snippet of rural American internet in 2020. This is the reality 60 miles outside our nation's capital. And millions of other homes across the country.

For all the talk of remote learning and working. There's a conversation not happening around how this isn't possible.

Welcome to Rural Internet.

The sky and clouds were beautiful. The wind was stiff and constant all day. Sea gulls were hovering above us. Unable to make headway into the wind.

04/11/2020 09:19:32 PM

Totally normal grocery store trip. We picked up most of what we were looking for. Idly thought "maybe we'll get a pizza." Nope.

Decided to check out the toilet paper aisle just for fun and... Nothing.

We also made a trip to Panera for bagels since our local bagelry is closed. Added some fancy bread because sometimes you need to see new foods to get you through the week.

Safeway reminds you to keep your distance.
Pizza? Pizzno.



Happy Birthday to me!

I splurged and got myself a new job working in the private sector. No more contracting to the government. 🎉

A year of drawing - Austin Kleon

I find it remarkable, at this point, how drawing for him still has nothing to do with the results. He does not care what you do with his drawings after he’s done making them. How he draws is intense and adorable at the same time: he will put down a few lines, and then stand back and shake while he admires them.

Source: A year of drawing - Austin Kleon

Some of my favorite things are drawings my nephew has made for me. I display “Pizza Whale” on my office wall and admire it often.

10/31/2019 11:22:50 PM

I feel like I’ve written about this before - can’t remember whether it was here or not, but when trillion-dollar companies complain that things are “hard”, what they really mean is that they “do not want to do them” or that they are “not that important”, or perhaps more tellingly, that “there is no [perceived] profit in doing it”. Because, lest we forget, Google is a company that went from zero to having a gigantic fleet of sensor-laden cars driving around every single road in as many countries as they could, just so you could look at shops and the less said about having more data to sell ads against, the better.

Dan Hon's newsletter

Dan is talking about using Maps to find the safest route home. That’s a problem Maps can’t do for me yet. For all of the smart tools available to us, most of them aren’t very smart at all.

08/14/2019 09:54:42 AM…

I published my own thoughts on Luke Smith’s post about Destiny 2 from yesterday.

07/26/2019 01:35:24 PM

Provide general program information and/or general position overview. Example: The [Name] Group at Leidos currently has an opening for a [Job Title] to work in our [City, State] office. This is an exciting opportunity to use your experience helping the [Contract/Program Name] mission. In this mission we...

I’m very excited about this [job] at [company]!

Patio Project

Four hours of Tiller rental from Home Depot. 850 pounds of sand. 2220 pounds of pavers. 1 ton of pea gravel (almost). 1 fire pit.

My wife and I have spent the last couple weekends removing grass and earth and laying weed fabric, laying sand, leveling sand, laying pavers, re-laying pavers, and spreading pea gravel. But it’s been a wonderful project and it was nice to be able to sit outside on our patio around the (unlit) fire pit watching the birds eat at the feeders and a local deer wandered up to say hello.

As with all home improvement projects, it wasn’t fun doing it but I’m glad to have it done.

My Simple Space – WordPress plugin

Disk Space, Database and Memory Usage in the dashboard.

Source: My Simple Space – WordPress plugin |

I’ve been going back and forth with Dreamhost about the amount of memory my sites have been using. I was able to get things under control this week and asked support if they had any recommendations for ways I could keep tabs on the amount of memory my sites were using.

Since I’m on a shared hosting plan, I can’t control the server. But Conor from Dreamhost Support was able to point me to this plugin.

Once installed, it sits on the WordPress dashboard and keeps me updated with how much space my site is using as well as the total memory allowed and what it’s currently using. It’s a nice way to keep tabs on memory usage.

[caption id=“attachment_334” align=“aligncenter” width=“415”]Plugins showing disk space and memory used in WordPress. Plugins showing disk space and memory used in WordPress.[/caption]

What? Who? Me?

It was like that when I got here!

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

IE6 users represented around 18% of our user base at that point. We understood that we could not just drop support for it. However, sitting in that cafeteria, having only slept about a few hours each in the previous days, our compassion for these users had completely eroded away. We began collectively fantasizing about how we could exact our revenge on IE6. One idea rose to the surface that quickly captured everyone’s attention. Instead of outright dropping IE6 support, what if we just threatened to?

Source: A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

I salute these brave developers inside YouTube for pushing the web forward and leaving IE6 behind.