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Best backpack

I saw this amazing back pack at the airport. It’s amazing!

12/28/2019 12:31:12 PM

Today’s walk felt good. A nice mid 50° day after Christmas and before the new year.

Google Fit stats for a 3.4 mile walk over 85 minutes.

I needed to get up and take a walk this morning. I set out along a nice road paralleling train tracks so there’s no cross streets.

Tree stump as fence post.

I passed a stump holding up part of a fence in a small yard.

Telephone poll with smiley face spray painted on.

A friendly pole did its job holding up power and communication lines without complaint.

Old brick building.

Near the Midway point of my walk I passed the Bowen & Company, Inc site. I love old signs on buildings. There’s fewer around as the areas get developed and turned into luxury services or condos.

Across the street is a Pure Barre studio.

12/02/2019 04:44:22 PM

Joshua Specter linked to a post in his newsletters saying When You Follow Someone New On Social Media, Post About It

Let’s say you find someone interesting to follow on social media. Awesome. Now, spread the word about them.

And today, Spained-based tech and short story writer Riccardo Mori, pointed me to Mr. Mobile Michael Fisher…

So there’s two to start with.

11/04/2019 12:51:58 PM

[caption id=“attachment_581” align=“aligncenter” width=“976”]Status: 2019-11-04 12.49.01 ‘Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work.’[/caption]

I think about this quote a lot. This book confirmed a lot about what I think about work and working better. It also taught me some things I wish I had the power to implement.

10/31/2019 11:22:50 PM

I feel like I’ve written about this before - can’t remember whether it was here or not, but when trillion-dollar companies complain that things are “hard”, what they really mean is that they “do not want to do them” or that they are “not that important”, or perhaps more tellingly, that “there is no [perceived] profit in doing it”. Because, lest we forget, Google is a company that went from zero to having a gigantic fleet of sensor-laden cars driving around every single road in as many countries as they could, just so you could look at shops and the less said about having more data to sell ads against, the better.

Dan Hon's newsletter

Dan is talking about using Maps to find the safest route home. That’s a problem Maps can’t do for me yet. For all of the smart tools available to us, most of them aren’t very smart at all.

10/28/2019 09:54:13 AM

If you’re looking for a less anxious November, CJ is going to post 30 tips in 30 days to decrease your anxiety.

10/20/2019 03:04:37 PM

[caption id=“attachment_562” align=“aligncenter” width=“700”]Status: 2019-10-20 15.02.39 Status: 2019-10-20 15.02.39[/caption]

10/02/2019 12:19:20 AM

Spookster and Cackles

The newest additions to my collection of Birds in Hats.

Sears Bodies

There’s a Sears store going out of business and there is a wide variety of body parts for sale.

Solar Home

We had our solar system installed today. No more roof just hanging around not contributing to the household. No longer will sunny days be solely the source of sweat and discomfort.

Once the work is inspected, I can flip a switch as 21 solar panels will capture the sun’s rays and send them into The Grid.

09/22/2019 07:22:09 PM

Almost didn’t make it into the parking deck. The attendant apologized to me as I had to duck walking down the entrance ramp.

Tiny scientists

The FDA has a wall covered in tiny scientists.

09/18/2019 08:36:11 PM



Mobil(e) Gasoline.

Bringing the pumps to you!

Two Scoops

I present you the art installation “two scoops” as performed by Downeast Ice Cream Factory.

08/29/2019 09:34:28 AM

Lobster Roll #3

Ordered with a shrimp roll and a haddock sandwich. All were very good. And despite ordering only one with onion rings, we got two.

Operation Crustacean

The plan for vacation is off to a good start.

08/14/2019 09:54:42 AM…

I published my own thoughts on Luke Smith’s post about Destiny 2 from yesterday.

08/03/2019 08:28:57 PM

My car has a backup camera now.

It seems like a good product. The instructions were non-existent. I bought three things from Home Depot to get it working. And I learned how to crimp wiring. And just how flimsy the interior of a Chevy Equinox is.

07/28/2019 01:31:18 PM

I watched Another Life on Netflix. I enjoyed the journey and hope there is more to this world. 📺

07/26/2019 01:35:24 PM

Provide general program information and/or general position overview. Example: The [Name] Group at Leidos currently has an opening for a [Job Title] to work in our [City, State] office. This is an exciting opportunity to use your experience helping the [Contract/Program Name] mission. In this mission we...

I’m very excited about this [job] at [company]!

📗Digital Minimalism 👍

This is a slow read because I keep stopping to take notes. It’s so good and reflects where I am in my head with social media and connection.


Looking to move on from Dreamhost where I’ve been for over a decade. It seems they’re pushing towards VPS plans and saying my meager WordPress sites are using too many resources.

What are you fine people using for shared hosting?

I’ve got a box to tinker on at home so not looking for a VPS.

Looking for blog hosting. WordPress. Known. Photo gallery. All personal.

Cpanel would be nice.

I like to try out new things.




Usage: “I can make any kind of sandwinch. Turkey sandwinch. Peanut butter sandwinch.

Credit to my 6 year old nephew.